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About YOUTH 23 Registration What's New Media Kit
About YOUTH 23 Registration What's New Media Kit

Tech Track

UPDATE: Registration for the Tech Track is now closed. This workshop experience required pre-registration, that closed on June 30. All those who registered prior to that date will receive emails with instructions for how to participate onsite.

YOUTH 2023 involves major production efforts for our big room worship sessions. Have you ever wanted to get behind the curtain and learn about what it takes to put on a worship production for thousands of people? Thanks to our production team from The Adams Group, up to 40 youth can have the chance to be a part of the onsite preparation and learn about a variety of production roles, hands-on, during big room worship times! This experience may overlap with other workshop opportunities or free time and requires sign up prior to arriving onsite in Daytona.

Workshop leader: Adams Group and Streamline Productions

How will it help you be BOLD? We all have gifts and talents, and this workshop is an opportunity to be BOLD behind the scenes. You get to experience worship from the production team's point of view and learn valuable lessons about how light and sound can bring out the best of those on stage and create an atmosphere where holy surprises can happen. You'll also get to learn stories of how the team leaders came to be in faith-based production as a career, and who knows, maybe even unlock chances for your future self to intern or add new skills to your production abilities! Opportunities onsite include getting to shadow and learn from production staff in: Camera operations, Sound/Mixing, Lighting, Backstage production,
and Screen management

Audience Age Range:

  • Younger Youth (6-8 Grades)
  • Older Youth (9-12 Grades)