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About YOUTH 23 Registration What's New Media Kit
About YOUTH 23 Registration What's New Media Kit


Volunteers are the lifeblood of YOUTH 2023. Our Design Team? You guessed it – they’re volunteering their time!

We need a healthy collection of volunteers to help us create a welcoming space for the youth and their adult chaperones at YOUTH 2023. It is easy to volunteer at the YOUTH event, with opportunities that range from an hour or two up to a full day or even multiple days.

Of course, adult chaperones and youth can volunteer during the event, and we’re more than happy for you to jump in and enhance your experience at the event.

Click here to learn more about how to become a YOUTH 2023 volunteer!

A background check is required as part of the opportunity to volunteer, as part of our Safe Sanctuaries® policy. The information necessary for that process as well as your approval from Discipleship Ministries to run a background check is included in the link. You can provide an existing copy of your recent background check in lieu of Discipleship Ministries running a new check on your behalf. Discipleship Ministries will keep these background checks confidential and cover the cost of the background check.