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About YOUTH 23 Registration What's New Media Kit
About YOUTH 23 Registration What's New Media Kit


YOUTH 2023 is organized by Discipleship Ministries and Young People’s Ministries of The United Methodist Church. You will notice our presence throughout the event!

We want to thank the other awesome sponsors and exhibitors who will be at YOUTH 2023. This list is ever growing and expanding.


In 2023, thousands of Methodist youth, young adults, and adult leaders from around the country will come together in Daytona Beach, Florida from July 25-28, at YOUTH 2023. Our event includes large room worship with all attendees, an exhibit hall, and meals in a specific dining area.

If you’d like to advertise, be present, or get the word out about your organization and its resources or products, this is an amazing opportunity to connect with a faith-based audience. We have several advertising and sponsorship options available. We are also happy to be creative if your team has ideas we haven’t thought of to make value-building connections at YOUTH 2023.

  • Youth2023 Website
  • Advertise in the Program Book
  • Email Advertising
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
    • Bibles
    • Meals
    • Welcome Kits
    • Youth Leader Lounge
    • Window Clings
    • Speaker Sponsorship
  • Exhibiting and Vending Opportunities

DOWNLOAD the YOUTH 2023 Sponsorship Packet (PDF)

Advertising Guidelines

All advertisements are subject to approval of YOUTH 2023 and Young People’s Ministries/Discipleship Ministries Staff, which reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. Discipleship Ministries reserves the right to reject any advertising that, to the “reasonable reader,” is false, misleading, defamatory, in violation of any applicable laws, is obscene, or which does not conform to contemporary community standards of good taste or decency. Discipleship Ministries may require any advertiser to provide factual substantiation when requested for any advertising.

Discipleship Ministries will accept no advertising from companies whose main source of income derives from the sale or promotion of pornography; tobacco, alcohol or other drugs; all forms of gambling; firearms or other munitions; enterprises related to sex trafficking; and those companies that engage in child labor, sweatshop, or other human rights violations. We will also not accept partisan political advertising. No advertising will be accepted that violates or may enable another to violate the UM Social Principles. Ads that discriminate against applicants based on sex, age, race, religion, marital status, or physical handicap will not be accepted.

Generally acceptable ads for consideration will be for other faith-based organizations, charitable institutions, and organizations involved in education, training, mission and service, and spiritual formation.

Any reference to YOUTH 2023, Young People’s Ministries, Discipleship Ministries or it products or services in advertisements, promotional material, or merchandising by the advertiser or the agency is subject to the YOUTH 2023 / Young People’s Ministries / Discipleship Ministries prior written approval in each instance.

Young People’s Ministries/Discipleship Ministries does not release personally identifiable data on the users of our websites or e-mail service to advertisers. Online advertisers may receive reports that show aggregated data about response to their advertisements, including the number of ad impressions and the number of times an advertisement was clicked on. Advertiser links to other websites cannot prevent a user from easily returning to the YOUTH 2023 event website.

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DOWNLOAD the YOUTH 2023 Sponsorship Packet (PDF)

Check back later for information on our sponsors.