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Several different grants are available to support creative and innovative approaches to ministries for, with, and by young people. Young People’s Ministries also designates program money every year to support ministries at various levels of the UMC that may not fit the criteria for the grant programs listed here.
"The 'Rundzelt' is the centerpiece of our camp. The large tent is a gathering place for fun and safety. More than fabric, it has become a symbol of belonging for our youth and children campers." – Anna Wagner, EmK Wassersportfreunde

Our grants are available for ministries for, by, and with young people around the world. Grant applications are due each JUNE 1 for funding to begin the following year. For further information or assistance, please contact the Grants Administrator.

Global Youth Service Fund

The Youth Service Fund (YSF) is unique. Everything about YSF is by, with, and for youth! Youth contribute the money, they decide what projects receive the money and the projects supported are youth-designed, youth-led, and benefit youth.

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Grants for Ministries With Young People

We provide funding for ministries with young people through the Grants for Ministries with Young People for creative, innovative approaches to ministries for, with, and by young people. The purpose of these grants is to fund dynamic, creative ministries with young people.

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Past Grants

Tips on Grant Applications and Proposals

Always, always, always read the guidelines before you begin the application process.
Is your project “youth or young adult led?” Does it benefit young people?
This application is supposed to be written, and the program designed and implemented primarily by young people.
Make note of the application due date and get it in as soon as possible.
Allow time for mailing the application– your application MUST arrive or be postmarked before the due date.
Make sure you sell your program, not the organization.
Proofread the document.
Double check websites and other references listed on your application.