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About YOUTH 23 Registration What's New Media Kit
About YOUTH 23 Registration What's New Media Kit

Taking the Weights Off Children's Life in Guatemala

ACD will know that all of our goals will be accomplished by simply educating youth to the realities of life in Guatemala and to be honest the fact that we would get this opportunity is already a huge accomplishment. We hope to make a very positive impression on the youth by explaining to them that because you are young doesn't mean that you can make a difference in the world. We wish to also use Youth 2023 to touch the hearts of youth and open a channel of discernment. We also are very understanding that the possibility of traveling to another country can be scary and maybe not possible so we would like to teach the youth about supporting ACD financially, which in term would teach them the value of offering.

Workshop leader: Tanner Morris, ACD Guatemala (Association for Creativity & Development)

How will it help you be BOLD? A life journey can be difficult/heavy for many in the world, people in developing countries can experience more due to extreme poverty, malnutrition, lack of rights, and love. Families and children from these regions are exposed to hunger and violence. Historically, difficult contexts teach us that people look for new places to survive, just as Joseph and Mary migrated to Egypt to save little Jesus. In our times, migration has become so popular among villages and towns in Central America: hundreds of people leave home to find peace and dignity. This is why walking along with them can be a wonderful ministry. ACD Guatemala has been inspired by biblical migrations in our modern context to support families, young and children. We believe our Ministry helps to take the weight off with creative solutions/programs, walking along with Jesus, with faith and strength for those considered by Jesus the most important in the Kingdom

Audience Age Range:

  • 6-12th Grade Youth
  • Adult Leaders/Volunteers/Chaperones
  • Younger Youth (6-8th grades)
  • Older Youth (9-12th grades)