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About YOUTH 23 Registration What's New Media Kit
About YOUTH 23 Registration What's New Media Kit

Methodist Gaming: Twitch, Digital Ministry, and the Market Cross

Learn how to be a streamer with the numerous ministry possibilities on Twitch, for both gamers and non-gamers alike. Discover the practical how-tos and best practices from Methodist Gaming, a leading United Methodist digital ministry throughout social media. Explore the theology of digital ministry as it relates to our United Methodist history and doctrine. Empower yourself to build a positive online community for Christ.

Workshop leader: The Rev. Dr. J. Adam Sowder and The Rev. Hannah Bryn, creators and hosts of Methodist Gaming

How will it help you be BOLD? There is no greater place to be a pioneer in ministry for Jesus Christ than digital communities, including the Twitch platform with its approximate 140 mIllion monthly users. Our race of faith includes not only the great “cloud of witnesses” Paul is referring to, but also all who witness our faith in community. Today we must recognize that there is no greater opportunity for witness than the cloud of digital gatherings on social media.

Early Methodist preachers would stand at the market cross of local villages to share the Good News. We are called to do the same at the digital market crosses of today through our ministries of presence. This workshop will equip and empower those who are curious about running in the digital ministry race.

Online platforms require authenticity from Christian streamers to create safe spaces for people to share their life and faith. Many may think of the toxicity and bullying that exists in digital platforms. That reality is actively being countered by Chrstian streamers who create a different and positive experience for God’s children of all ages.

Many Christians enjoy the movies, music, and video games of popular culture. We can embrace who we are through popular culture in these new ministry expressions, while sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, “the pioneer and perfecter of our faith.” We will encourage youth and their leaders to be themselves, while living differently as a witness to their faith. Online ministry through social media and streaming creates space to share our faith, interests, and gifts as a new way to be BOLD.

Audience Age Range:

  • Younger Youth (6-8 Grades)
  • Older Youth (9-12 Grades)
  • Adult Leaders/Volunteers/Chaperones