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About YOUTH 23 Registration What's New Media Kit

An Outsider's Welcome

The workshop will concentrate on the narrative of Ruth and Boaz from the Epic of Eden. The majority of Old Testament stories revolve on patriarchal societies or mostly male insiders. In this workshop, young people will read, talk, and learn about how God's kingdom uses outsiders who are different from the status quo of society and the Church. Ruth, an outsider, was blessed with a lineage that gave birth to David, the second king of Israel. I could not imagine of how the incarnate God would come to earth if it were not for the welcoming of strangers. Jesus came through the hospitable lineage of Boaz.

Workshop leader: Zac Vakadewatabua/Clay Center UMC

How will it help you be BOLD? The workshop complements the event's topic and scripture. The cloud of witnesses may consist of anybody whom God employs to establish his reign on earth. With Ruth as an outsider who becomes an insider as a result of Boaz's hospitality, we might emulate this by being hospitable to young people and peers who think and behave differently. God, not ourselves, is the author and perfecter of our faith.

Audience Age Range:

  • 6-12th Grade Youth
  • Adult Leaders/Volunteers/Chaperones
  • Younger Youth (6-8th grades)
  • Older Youth (9-12th grades)