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YOUTH 2023 Design Team Application

This application is to be submitted by all who want to serve as members of the YOUTH 2023 Design Team. Please be aware that this application will take some time. We recommend reading the full application and doing any preparatory work you feel is necessary before filling out the application.

All applications must be submitted online no later than December 1, 2021.

Preferred Address
(Instructions: Please provide all information applicable)
Additional Contact Information
Racial/Ethnic/Age/Gender/Geographic Information
It is very important that a denominational event be designed by a diverse group of people. After the team has been recommended, it will be reviewed for inclusiveness. (Discipleship Ministries cannot require you to give this information. All this information will be kept private and not shared.)
Personal Disclosure Statement
There is nothing in my past that, if revealed, could be embarrassing to Discipleship Ministries and The United Methodist Church. (Members of the YOUTH 2023 Design Team must embody and practice their faith; not as perfect people, but trustworthy, honorable, and responsible servants. If this statement is not true for you, please do not sign. Instead, please submit a separate statement, in the empty field below your electronic signature and know that this statement will be confidential with the application review team. This will not exclude you from selection. Any statement will be received in confidence and kept in a secure location. When it is no longer needed, it will be destroyed.)
Please type your legal name and the date below. By doing so, you agree that this electronic signature is the equivalent of a handwritten signature.
(NOTE: A background check will be made on all Design Team members over the age of 18.)
Please complete the additional questions and short answers entirely before submitting your application. Please keep your answers to 300 words or less. Applications are not considered complete until Young People's Ministry has received all three reference forms.
Questions? Contact Patrice Rullo at
Please select up to three positions for which to be considered. Choose primary position first, second preference next, and third preference last. You do not have to choose three positions, but doing so will not increase your chances of selection.
For each position of interest, please briefly explain (300 words or less) your qualifications and experiences that make you the ideal member of the Design Team to take on these responsibilities.
Questions and Essays
Using 300 words or less, answer the following questions openly and honestly. We are not looking for certain "right" answers. We want to get to know you.
Click here to view the Reference form. Please provide this to three people who can speak to your gifts and skills. NOTE: Your application is not considered complete until Young People's Ministry has received all three reference forms.