Virtual Time Capsule Icebreaker | UMC YoungPeople
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February 2020

Virtual Time Capsule Icebreaker

By Austin Leeviraphan

Helping students consider what is important in their own lives can help them discover priorities and celebrate the things they love . This icebreaker will spark some fun discussion by helping them do just that.

Divide people into teams of at least 3 and give them a large piece of paper and some markers. Have them draw or write words of 20 things they would want in a time capsule that would show people in the future what was important to them and made them happy.

Once they are finished invite each group to tape their paper on the wall and share with the group what they wrote and why they wrote it. Keep them up as a visual reminder throughout the lesson. When appropriate you may be able to reference the papers as an illustration or application question.

Austin was born and raised in Norman, OK. He is the Associate Director of Student Ministries at McFarlin Memorial UMC, and has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Oklahoma.