Transformers Ice breaker | UMC YoungPeople
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February 2020

Transformers Ice breaker

By Jay Campbell

In this group exercise youth will create their own transformer. If they need examples you can highlight the power rangers joining together to make their mega machine, or the transformer movies where they transform from cars to massive robots.

They can begin with whatever form they would like it to be and can have it take any form and have any abilities. This can be a great way to introduce them to Matthew 17:1-9 and get them engaged talking about Jesus transforming into something that left the disciples overwhelmed with awe.

To take it to the next level grab craft supplies like toothpicks, construction paper, tape, etc and let them create a 3D model of it!

Jay Campbell is a provisional elder in the Virginia Conference. He lives with his wife Katie and their dog Rue in Alexandria, VA.