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April 2018

The Soda Slop Soup Slurp

By Neal Bowes

The early believers are described in Acts 4:32-35 as living together in a community that is very different than how we live today. They shared all of their possessions equally with one another. There seemed to be plenty to go around. Nobody was left needing; nobody went hungry.

Today people tend to think of themselves first, and while many have more than enough, others don’t have near enough. You can call attention to the hungry in your area, make plans to serve them, and have some fun along the way when you host a Soda Slop Soup Slurp.

Tell the members of your group that you’re having a special dinner with all kinds of soups. Everybody should bring a can of soda and a can of soup (or you can provide it yourself). They will assume it will be a sort of smorgasbord, but actually, you’ll be mixing all the soups into one pot and all of the sodas into another and serving everything that way. The community brings together what it has and shares it equally.

Invite somebody from an area food pantry or soup kitchen to visit with your group. Perhaps they could present a slide show about their ministry while the soup is being prepared.

While your concoction will certainly be edible, some may find it unappetizing and opt to eat something else when they get home. Talk about how some people don’t have that option and ask your group what they think they should do about that. Make plans for your group to work at that food pantry or soup kitchen. Maybe you can collect another can of soup or an amount of money from each person to send with your guest in support of their ministry.

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Neal has had the privilege of being in ministry with the youth at Jesse Lee for the last 15 years. He also works through the New York Annual Conference to train and support volunteer youth workers in local churches. He loves speaking at youth gatherings--group retreats or conference-wide events.