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September 2018

See a Tree, Be a Tree! an Artistic Way to Explore Psalm 1

By Dave Magee

We often overlook the things that are unseen, yet those things are often very important to the things that we do see. This activity helps students reflect on that aspect of Psalm one by considering the roots of a tree.

Pass out a sheet of paper and markers/crayons to each student
Tell the groups – “You have 5 minutes to draw any tree of your choosing. You will then share with the group your tree.”
After 5 minutes has gone by have the students all hold up their tree drawings and show one another.
Questions after Activity:
• Ask the group for a show of hands – How many of you drew roots on your trees?
• Why did you choose to draw or not draw roots? (they are unseen but we all know trees have them, there is more to someone than what we see on the surface)
• What role do roots play in the life of a tree?
• Psalm 1 compared the faithful to a tree – to be a healthy tree what kind of roots does a Christian probably need to have?
• What do healthy Christian “roots” need to be connected to?
• Without strong “roots” what may happen to someone trying to follow God?

If you have time, pass out another sheet of paper and ask them to use this sheet of paper to draw an illustration of Psalm 1

Dave MaGee has served in youth ministry for two decades since graduating from Duke University Divinity School in 1999. He served as a youth minister in several churches in Texas and most recently served as the Director of Student Ministries at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas.