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December 2018

Retreat Planning Checklist You Can Use Today!

By Mike Rollins

There is so many different elements to the events that we have to try to remember and I don’t know if you are like me but I tend to almost always forget something. So, here’s the checklist I use to make sure all the details get done. Hope this helps!

Pre- Retreat stuff

  • Date of the Retreat
  • Location of the retreat
    • Make sure to know when payments and forms are due
  • What is the cost per student
    • Is the cost of the students going to cover cost of chaperones?
  • Get chaperones
  • What transportation will you be using? Church bus, Parent drivers, or renting buses
  • Who is going to be the speaker?
  • Who is going to be the band? Youth band or hire band?
  • Put students and adults in housing
  • How are going to take care of your adults on this retreat? Green room? Casseroles for the adults after the event?

Small group stuff:

  • Write small group curriculum.
  • Make small group booklets
  • Put students in small groups
  • What adults will be in what small groups

Worship Session stuff:

  • Sound and media equipment
  • Items the speaker needs for their talks

Games/other activities:

  • Put students in teams for team games
  • Supplies for up front games
  • Supplies for team games
  • Who is going to run up front games?
  • Who is going to run team games?
  • Put students in teams for team games

Post-retreat stuff:

  • Return any borrowed equipment
  • Debrief with team and a few adults
  • Write thank you notes to all the Adults that helped you plan, run and chaperoned the retreat
Mike has been working in student ministry for more than ten years now. He is currently serving in Mobile, AL as a youth minister at Christ United Methodist Church. Mike has a passion for building relationships with students and to teach them about God’s love and grace. You can follow Mike on Twitter: @mikeyrollins and on Instagram: @mrollins83