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January 2019

Puzzles and the Body of Christ

By Betsy Marvin

Each of our lives fit together in a profound, beautiful connection the Bible refers to as the Body of Christ. It’s like a puzzle! For this active discussion, pull out a small-number puzzle set or buy something like this online. On the back of each piece write the reference 1 Cor. 12:27.

  • Have each student reach into the box and pull out a single puzzle piece (or a couple based on the number of students and the number of total pieces. Without knowing what the picture is, have students guess what they think the picture is. After a few guesses, have the students try to put the puzzle together.
  • The only rule: students can only touch their OWN piece – no one can place it in the puzzle for them.
  • After the students struggle for a bit, THEN share the puzzle picture and have the students continue once they know the goal. They must keep the rule!

Once the puzzle is completed explore the process with these questions:

  1. What made this puzzle hard? What made it easier?
  2. Make the connection to the Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12, how does it correlate with this process?
Betsy has worked with students for over 26 years and has served at Cornerstone Church in Caledonia, MI for nineteen of those years. Currently, Betsy is the Director of Family Ministry while still holding the high school ministry hat. Betsy also teaches women’s ministry at Grace Bible College as an adjunct professor. Betsy has been married for 29 years with a son in college and daughter in high school. In her free time, she enjoys reading, laughing with her family, and date nights!