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January 2020

Pick Your Dream Team Icebreaker

By Jay Campbell

Playing up the creativity and allowing students to engage with what they are most passionate about will make this icebreaker rock! Give students a piece of paper and invite them to create their dream team. Give them the freedom to choose what kind of team they would like them to be. It could be a sports team, superhero team, musical team, group of actors for a movie, well known business leaders, etc…

After a few minutes invite youth to share what kind of team they created and why they chose the people they did.

What qualities and characteristics did they consider when picking the people for their team?

Since the youth will most likely choose the best and most qualified for whatever team they decide, this activity is a perfect transition into discussing 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 that pushes back on that bias.

Jay Campbell is a provisional elder in the Virginia Conference. He lives with his wife Katie and their dog Rue in Alexandria, VA.