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June 2018

Loving Others

By Scott Meier

Opening: Recap the Week
1. Quickly going around the circle…have each person share a highlight from this past week.

Defining Love
Read John 13: 34 – 35.

As a group, come up with a definition of “Love.” Try starting with actions. What actions you would expect to see displayed for someone who is expressing love through the way they live.

Now use your imagination to help develop the definition. Imagine an alien from another planet arrives on earth and shows up at your Bible study. How would you describe “love” to them?

How Did Jesus Love Us
Have everyone get into pairs or groups of 3. Assign each one of the passages below to a small group (there may be more than one group that has a passage). Have the smaller groups:

  • Read the passage
  • Answer how was Jesus loving others in this passage, and how can we use Jesus’ example in this passage to love others?
  • Then come up with a scenario where you would love others the same way that Jesus was seen loving others in the assigned passage.
  • After about 10 minutes have each group report back to the larger group.

Matthew 14: 13-21 (Jesus feeds the 5000)
Mark 10: 13-22 (Jesus accepts little children)
Matthew 8: 1-3 (Jesus heals a man with leprosy)
Matthew 12: 9-13 (Jesus heals on the Sabbath)
Luke 23: 33-34 (Jesus forgives those who are crucifying him)
Mark 15: 21-25 (Jesus is crucified)

Ask the question: How can you love others more this week?
Go around the circle and have each person share their response, encouraging all to be as specific as possible as they respond to the above question.

Close in prayer.

Scott has served in student ministry for over 30 years, the past 24 years at McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church in Norman, Oklahoma. Having grown up in an incredible and life-changing youth ministry at Pioneer United Methodist Church in Walla Walla, Washington, Scott got his start at Simpson United Methodist Church in Pullman, Washington while a student at Washington State University. Scott has a passion for missions and leadership development, and desires to create life-long disciples for Jesus Christ. Scott and his wife Kristin have a little girl, Laurel Kate.