Jenga Ice Breaker (and How to Play on Zoom!) | UMC YoungPeople
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May 2020

Jenga Ice Breaker (and How to Play on Zoom!)

By Kaye Wolfinger

Play a round of Jenga together. You can, of course, find this game at any local department store or online. There are also extra large, yard options which are fun. Let students pair up if you have several of the games. If you have less than enough for pairs, turn it into a team sport with groups of students strategizing which piece to take next.

To make it even more fun, give students the blocks and challenge them to build a shape other than the classic tower making sure their design will allow for at least a handful of pieces to be removed before it falls.

Virtual (Zoom) option:

If you are gathering virtually set one or more (more is always better) up in front of your camera and have students guide your finger in selecting which block to take out next.

There are a lot of options on, even a winner’s certificate you can download!

Ice Breaker Debrief:

  • What lessons can you learn from Jenga?
  • What are the key points to remember if you want to last to the end?
  • How does this activity relate to Christ as a cornerstone?
Kaye Wolfinger is the East Ohio Conference director of Young People's Ministries. She also serves as the resource person for the Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry. Prior to joining the conference office she spent more than a dozen years serving in local churches across the conference.