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September 2018

Get Up!

By Alick Mvula

By Alick Mvula

A few months ago, I left home because I felt abused (mostly mentally) and I was threatened physically. This made me very insecure, scared, and the discomfort I felt reminded me of my old days at school when I was bullied. So, I decided to go to a smaller town and stay with my mom. I left a comfortable place where it was easy to access almost anything and went to a completely opposite type of place.

To add to the misery, I applied for so many jobs, so many opportunities, and I did not receive any feedback. I saw my friends going to school (University/College), having jobs, and getting married. Everyone around me was settling down while I was still running a race that appeared to have no finish line.

As a young person in my 20s I felt disappointed and that effected not only my relationship with others, but also my faith. How do you face God when you’re in a discouraging state? Should you just lock yourself in your room and pray the whole day until something happens?

I don’t know the right answer to those questions, but two words encouraged me throughout this time of despair, “Get Up!” Don’t compare your race with the races others are running. Never compare your struggles, and never ever compare your destiny with them either. Are you facing financial situations? Get up! Are you single? Get up! Do you want a job? Get up! Are you sick? Get up! Whatever you’re are going through don’t give up but GET UP!

How do you, “Get Up?” Have you applied for twenty job opportunities and you have not heard any feedback? Apply for forty more. Sitting in your room and crying the whole day will not make a job fall into your lap, neither will worrying about it. Try something new as a young person! Think of characteristics that will help you get that job you are searching for and be or do those things.

GET UP! Get up and talk to God more, listen more attentively, and seek solace in him. It was difficult for me to face God in that situation, but this was when God wanted to speak to me more. I am not writing this piece because I have a job now and everything is, “all good.” I am writing this because I have found strength in my low moments, I have seen God in my darkest days. I am not yet in formal employment, but I am currently volunteering my service with an NGO.

Proverbs 24vs 16: “For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes.”

Have you experienced a backslide in your Christian faith? Get Up! Don’t stay down for too long. Always forge ahead. Make yourself useful and stay strong in your life here on earth. In one way or another every young person is going through a battle which is affecting their life but if we all gave up then where would that leave us? Where would it leave our world?

Sometimes I want things to happen fast, but I’m reminded that patience pays off in the end.


  • What do you do when you feel alone? Uncertain about something? Or when you feel like giving up?

  • Are there any moments in your life when you felt like questioning your faith? Would you feel comfortable to share?

  • Do you find yourself comparing your life with others? If so, in which way?

  • Apart from in God, where else do you find solace?

Young Adult devotions by Alick Mvula.