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April 2018

Exploring Fitting in and Belonging

By Sharon Cook

The concepts of fitting in and belonging are at the center of Acts 10:9-17a, 34-48. By engaging their creativity, students will get to process the struggle of fitting in and belonging in their own world

Start by asking this question: What is the difference between ‘fitting in’ and ‘belonging?’

When we invite outsiders to join us, we need to be aware of inviting them to do more than fit in, but must invite them to fully belong.

Divide into groups and have the youth write skits. Each skit must include at least one character who has a habit/behavior that they think are unappealing. The skit should illustrate how that person feels to be excluded/disliked and demonstrate how others can accept and include them – without changing them. You may also explore why this person has this trait/behavior.

After the skits are finished, they can perform them for the group.

After 10 years of serving as pastor in local churches, Sharon now works on Conference Staff in Wisconsin. Her primary areas are camps, young people, and Safe Sanctuaries.