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July 2018

Draw Crowds

Note to the Teacher

To set this lesson up, you’ll need to back up a bit from the reading for this week and remind them of the context of the story for today. Jesus has healed Jairus’ daughter and the woman. He has sent out his disciples and they have returned. And Jesus has just walked on water after feeding 5,000 people. This is a big chapter!

This lesson will focus on healing, and our need to be anchored in Christ.

TimeDescription of Activity
15 min

1. Activity - this week we will start with a game that will tie in to the lesson a little later.

Take this lesson to the next level by getting students engaged with a simple hands-on creative element and application discussion: Ultimate Ninja. Complete instructions on how to make this happen are at the Youth Worker Collective online at https://youthworkercollective.com/ultimate-ninja-a-great-game-with-a-message/

10 min

2. Ice Breaker - Ask:

  • What is the biggest crowd you ever were were a part of? What did it feel like? Why were you there?

  • Who is your favorite band? How far would you travel to see them?

  • If you were ill, how far would you travel to receive care? (Hopefully the distances are very different – ask why the difference)

  • Have you ever seen a crowd gather around an accident? Why do people do that?

Bridge: Jesus landed on the shore and crowds started to come! They had heard about this healer and they wanted to see him. Some traveled a long way!

15 min

3. Scripture: Jesus landed at Gennesaret and anchored the boat there. Then, people started to come. Read Mark 6:53-56 in The Passion Translation

20 min

4. Discussion:

  • What did the people call Jesus? How did the word spread about Him?

  • If Jesus came back today, how would the word get out? Would it work?

  • Would you go see Jesus just because you heard about him? Why or why not?

  • Do you think Jesus still heals today? If your answer is “yes,” share stories. If your answer is “no,” what makes you feel that way?

  • In verse 56, the people say, ”just let us touch the tassel of your prayer shawl!” How do you think we can “touch” Jesus today?

  • What was Jesus really bringing to the people?

  • Think back to the Ultimate Ninja game. What did it feel like to have your feet anchored to the floor during our game?

  • How did it help to have your feet anchored?

  • Just as a boat is anchored, or our feet were anchored in the game, Jesus can be our anchor. What do you think that means? Read Hebrews 6:19.

5 min

5. Closing

In these few verses we can see many take-aways. What do you need? Are you anchored in Christ? Do you need healing in some way?

What can we do to become anchored in Jesus?

How can you reach out and touch Jesus for healing?

Spend time sharing and closing in prayer.

55 min

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