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July 2018

Become Known

Note to the Teacher

This lesson will focus on our real identities and the impact of becoming known. As word spread about what Jesus was doing, He became more and more known, yet He remained true to Himself.

TimeDescription of Activity
10 min

1. Ice Breaker:

Prep: Go on YouTube and search for the most current viral video. Preview for appropriate content…and choose one that you can share. One that is really fun can be found at: Share the one that you choose with the group.

  • Why do you think this video went viral?

  • When most Youtubers post something, they hope their video will go viral. Why is that their ultimate goal?

  • What’s your favorite viral video?

Bridge: Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Jesus chosen returned during our generation? Would His return go viral?

8 min

2. Read Scripture

Jesus is becoming known throughout the land! The disciples’ travels, preaching His message, and all of the many miraculous events are working together to spread the good news!

Read Mark 6:13-16

15 min

3. Discussion

  • Who was John the Baptist? Who was Herod? Why is it a big deal that Herod has heard of Jesus? (make a comparison to current world leaders hearing about a man in a small town)

  • Why do you think Mark made a point of sharing that Jesus is becoming known?

  • How did being known and recognized impact Jesus?

15 min

4. Activity and Discussion - Healing Hands

Take this lesson to the next level by getting students’ eyes and minds engaged with some simple hands-on creative element and application discussion: The Face in the Mirror. Complete instructions on how to make this happen are at the Youth Worker Collective online at

5 min

5. Closing

Be sure to send the picture to everyone that has a phone and encourage the group to pray for each other this week as they look at the photo. Close in the manner that is typical for you. Consider taking joys/concerns from the students, then asking for a volunteer to close in prayer.

55 min

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