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December 2017

All About the Journey

By Betsy Marvin

The Christmas story centers around a journey, and it is a journey we can follow as well by taking time to reflect on where and how the Biblical narrative intersects with our own journey. These two short discussion lessons will help you do just that. We’d suggest starting with one of our great games like Christmas Charades to get everybody talking and then use these questions to go from there!

DISCUSSION 1: Servant-oriented (focus on Mary’s story)

Review Luke 1:26-56 and 2:1-20

Has God ever intruded on your plans?

Why did God choose ordinary people to carry out his plan?

Most of the Bible’s heroes weren’t so hot on the idea of being God’s servants when they got the job. If being the Lord’s servant meant getting kicked out of school and alienating your friends and family, would you want the job? Why or why not?

If God sent an angel to ask you to be his servant, would you feel like you have a choice? Why or why not?

What difference would it make in your life if you actually prayed daily, “Lord, I’m your servant”?

What are the reasons God would want you to be his servant? What are the reasons he wouldn’t? Talk about that.

DISCUSSION 2: Angels (the messengers) Students tend to be very curious about angels….


Luke 1: 8-25 – Zachariah

Luke 1:26-38 – Mary

Luke 2:8-20 – Shepherds

Matthew 1:20-25 – Joseph

Take time to look up other angel references in Scripture outside of the Christmas story. (Garden of Eden, visitors to Abraham, Jacob’s ladder, etc.) Google – “angels in the Bible” and you’ll have plenty of references plus other info

Do you believe in angels?

What would it take for you to believe someone who told you he was an angel – a messenger sent by God?

Have you ever encountered an angel? What do you think one looks like?

If angel appeared in your school, what are the chances he could find a servant”? (not a virgin, a unselfish servant)

Do angels show up in our regular lives – or just for special events and special people? Talk about that.

Betsy has worked with students for over 26 years and has served at Cornerstone Church in Caledonia, MI for nineteen of those years. Currently, Betsy is the Director of Family Ministry while still holding the high school ministry hat. Betsy also teaches women’s ministry at Grace Bible College as an adjunct professor. Betsy has been married for 29 years with a son in college and daughter in high school. In her free time, she enjoys reading, laughing with her family, and date nights!