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April 2020

20 Questions for Zoom (A Virtual Spin on a Classic Youth Game)

By Kaye Wolfinger

This new spin on an old game will allow you to take your virtual meetings and spice them up with a little more fun, and it will build anticipation for when you are next together!

Before your next video conference wrap a gift, put something in it, may also be a gift card or another item that you are willing to give away next time you are together.

Once you are on the call, take turns playing 20 questions with each student getting a set number of questions to ask before the next one gets their turn. Once a student asks all their questions, they are out. Whoever guesses what is in it, wins the item. Change the discussion to make it appropriate for your game.


How did it feel when you were “out” and knew your chances of receiving the gift were over?
Ask the 2nd to the last player, “How did you feel when you were so close to winning?
While it is fun to receive tangible gifts, the gift God promises isn’t something we can see or tough or even experience on this earth. How can we keep each other excited about this gift and share that joy with others?
Kaye Wolfinger is the East Ohio Conference director of Young People's Ministries. She also serves as the resource person for the Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry. Prior to joining the conference office she spent more than a dozen years serving in local churches across the conference.