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Sam Taylor Trust Fund Grants

The Sam Taylor Trust is shared by the Discipleship Ministries (General Board of Discipleship) and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. The Sam Taylor Trust, “proposes to develop, promote and administer adult educational projects in the State of Texas through short-term conferences, workshops, seminars, consultations, public media, and/or experimental adult education endeavors. These adult education projects will be administered in consultation with appropriate local constituents in the State of Texas and approved by the governing board of Discipleship.”

Discipleship Ministries interprets this to mean Christian education endeavors, for adults, in Texas, for Texans. This could include training for adults working with children and/or youth.

The mission of Discipleship Ministries (also known as General Board of Discipleship) is “to challenge and support local church and annual conference leaders for their task of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

Discipleship Ministries' strategic priorities are to:

  1. Improve disciple-making systems in existing local churches;
  2. Increase engagement with people outside the church who claim no religious preference and/or consider the church irrelevant;
  3. Create indigenous, contextual resources globally.

The application will ask you to describe how your proposed project supports Discipleship Ministries mission and strategic priorities.

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