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October 2017

Zimbabwe Youth Directors Talk about their Ministries with Young People

By Mighty Rasing

By Mighty Rasing

In early July 2017, Young People’s Ministries organized the first gathering of Youth Directors from the United Methodist Annual Conferences in Africa.

In the following video, the Youth Directors from Zimbabwe talk about the different ministries they are doing with young people. Rev. Tafadzwa Muson is from Zimbabwe East Annual Conference and Rev. Dudzai Mutsikwi is from Zimbabwe West Annual Conference.


  • A good number of young people are involved in church activities such as the annual Youth Sunday.
  • They also hold an annual revival worship, which brings together around 4,000 to 5,000 youth. This event is usually led by the youth.
  • They are also raising funds for their projects. One particular project, which they refer to as selling a “material” is cloth that is used for the UMC youth uniform that they wear during the event. Rev. Musona said that they are able to raise as much $6,000 from their income-generating project.
  • Unemployment is a big issue among young people in Zimbabwe and this leads to other risky behaviors such as substance abuse.

Visit the website of the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area at umczea.org. Their Facebook page is at facebook.com/zeacumc/.