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January 2020

Somos del Señor - You Are Not Lacking

Week 1: January 19 – You Are Not Lacking
1 Corinthians 1:1-9

Note to the Teacher

Today’s lesson invites youth to consider the gifts they have been given by God and how they can use those gifts to serve the church and to serve others.

Time Description of Activity

10 Min. 1. Ice Breaker: What gifts do you have?

Before we dive into spiritual gifts, ask youth to share what gifts and/or talents they each have (i.e. music, art, great student, good with technology, etc.). After they have shared, ask them to think about how they can use those gifts for the church community and the common good.

Keep in mind there may be some kids who struggle to believe they are good at anything and have something valuable to offer. Use this time to encourage them and name the gifts you see in them. Sometimes we do not realize the gifts we have until others name them in us.

If you have a group where you think it would be safe, ask each student to share a gift they think the person next to them has and take turn building each other up by identifying the good gifts God has given your group.

5 Min. 2. Read Scripture

Our scripture today is from Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church. They are dealing with many challenges about how to faithfully be a united Christian community and Paul begins this letter by encouraging and reminding them of whose they are and to whom they belong.

Read 1 Corinthians 1:1-9

15 Min. 3. Discussion

  • Paul begins this letter by sharing that he has been called by God to be an apostle of Jesus Christ. What do you think it means to be called by God? How does God call us today? What kind of work/vocation does God call people to today?

  • Paul writes this letter to the church in Corinth. Often when we speak of our church we do so in a possessive way, (i.e. this is my church), but Paul says it is God’s church. Does it matter whose church we say it is? Why or why not?

  • Paul spends a good part of his opening in this letter uplifting and encouraging the church. He reminds them that they have been made holy through Christ, are called to be God’s people, and belong to God. Paul extends grace, expresses his thankfulness for them, and reminds them of the richness of their blessings in Christ. Why do you think Paul went to such detail to encourage them at the beginning of the letter?

  • Paul tells the Corinthian church that “they have been made rich through Christ in everything: in all communication and every kind of knowledge.” What do you think Paul means by this?

  • Paul shares that their church community is not missing any spiritual gift. Can you name any spiritual gifts? What is the significance of a community having all spiritual gifts? What spiritual gifts are most abundant in your church?

20 Min. 4. Activity - Take A Spiritual Gifts Test

As a group you will spend time taking a spiritual gifts test. Because there are many spiritual gift tests out there, spend time finding one that feels like it will work well for your group.

Begin by having the students to take the test reminding them that it is best to go with their first response instead of laboring over the answer to each question. After everyone has finished ask the students what they thought of this exercise and if any feel comfortable sharing their results.

Before you leave, circle back to Paul’s encouragement that the Corinthian church has all of these gifts present. Invite the students with the list of spiritual gifts to reflect on how these gifts are present and lived out in your congregation.

Here are three spiritual gifts tests that you can consider:

  1. Online version -
  2. Print Out Version - Confirm Confirmation Curriculum -
  3. Print Out Version - Cokesbury Youth Spiritual Gifts test:

50 Min.

Resources Needed
Internet and/or printed out copies of the spiritual gifts tests for each person with pens.