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January 2020

Somos del Señor - God Gives the Growth

Week 5: February 16 – God Gives the Growth
1 Corinthians 3:1-9

Note to the Teacher

This lesson invites youth to think about how we can learn from everything we experience in life and that every day God is seeking to grow us and deepen our faith. Youth will spend time thinking about the ministry of planting and watering as they plant fictional churches together.

Time Description of Activity

10 Min. 1. Ice Breaker - Best and Worst of the Week

This ice breaker invites youth to share about their lives while also thinking deeper about our lives and how God can teach us and grow us through the good and bad we experience.

As you begin your time together invite each person to share about the best and worst moments from the previous week, or the best and worst of what they are looking forward to/not looking forward to in the week to come.

Then ask the students to think about what they can learn from the best and worst of the week. In this lesson we will hear Paul speak about those who plant and those who water; God is the one who gives growth.

5 Min. 2. Read scripture

This scripture passage speaks to the need for Christians and churches to mature in the faith. Division and fighting prevents us from maturing and growing. We are each called to different work, some of us plant and others water but God is the one who brings the growth. The planter is not better than the waterer and vice versa. Our ministry is a partnership with God.

Read 1 Corinthians 3:1-9

15 Min. 3. Discussion

  • What is the difference between giving people in the church milk instead of solid food? What does Paul mean when he says the church was unspiritual so he couldn't talk to them like they were spiritual?
  • Can you think of any ways that jealousy and fighting exists between people in the church?
  • Paul argues that sometimes we can have an attachment to the wrong things. Some people in the church get really attached to the building, others to certain programs and ministries, and others to certain pastors or staff. Especially in the UMC where pastors itinerate and change often, some people prefer previous pastors over the current one(s). While it’s not wrong to value these things and admire certain people, how do we make sure we value God first?
  • Paul writes that in ministry some of us plant and others water but God is the one who makes everything grow. In what ways do we help plant and in what ways do we help grow? Think about every time a new pastor comes to the church, or any new staff person. They are continuing to build off of the work of many others before them.
  • Would each of you rather be in the ministry of planting or watering? And why?
  • “We are God’s co-workers, and we are God’s field and God’s building.” What does that mean to you?

20 Min. 4. Activity - Planting a Church

Put the youth in teams of two to four. Together they will take on the roles of planting and watering their own church. Tell the youth that in each group one or two of them are going to be church planters. The planters determine where they plant the church (city, suburbs, rural, etc.), how they will meet people and build up the church. Tell the planters they have five years to plant a church community and determine what it will look like.

The other one to two people in the group will be replacing the planter in five years and they will be the waterers. How will they continue to help the church and the people grow? What will they do differently? What plan of growth will they have to help the church deepen its faith?

50 Min.

Needed Supplies: pen/pencils and paper