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January 2011

Workshops Workshop

By Carl Gladstone (NCJ & NEJ)
Have been in the workshops workshop lately getting ready for a couple events. Thought I'd share the outline of these upcoming times with youth leaders with you here and invite comments and suggestions. What would you add/subtract/change to make these workshops better? WORKSHOP 1: Youth, Missions, and You In Iowa next month I'll be doing a couple sessions with youth leaders on mission work with youth groups. We'll look at a few models that churches across the NCJ use to accomplish this important engine of discipleship in their youth ministries. Model #1 - Finding the Magic Mission Destination of Your Dreams! From UMYOUTHMISSIONS.ORG to all sorts of other mission destination lists and networks, somewhere out there is a mission destination that will take care of your group's every need. We'll talk about how to unearth the site that will have all your youth fixing homes and getting born again by Thursday night so you can all have a fun day white-water rafting with unicorns on Friday. Model #2 - DIY Mission Trip From last year's experience you know you can plan something better on your own. Now that you've made that decision, what are the steps to making sure that you have work, accommodations, devos, evening activities, and all the rest of the things that make a successful youth mission experience? Model #3 - Local, Organic, and Viral Mission Ministries A smorgasbord conversation about every other mission trip setup that doesn't fit into the one-week Summer mold. Hear about churches becoming mission experience incubators for other groups to attend and grow their own local mission ops. WORKSHOP 2: Middle School Ministry - Be the Fuse, Don't Light It! Middle School ministry is a wild, enlivening, creative adventure that keeps adults young and youth pastors nimble. It can also be the place and time where your church sets the stage for young people to grow as disciples as they continue into high school. In these sessions we'll look at examples from around the NCJ and beyond of local churches engaging Middle Schoolers in ministries that affirm them and their gifts as younger followers of Jesus. This is just a little taste of the preparations I've been making lately, would love to hear your thoughts! Yours in Christ, Carl Gladstone - NCJ Regional Staff, YPM of the GBOD