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December 2010

Who are we in Jesus?

June 2007
by Admire Saungweme

I am fully persuaded and convicted that our God, is a God of purpose who has created us, on purpose, for a purpose. For example, the various aspects of creation were purposefully made – like the sun for the day and the moon for the night. The creation of humanity is no different. Genesis 1:26 tells us that God first thought about how to create humanity. Then God fashioned us in God’s own image and gave us the purpose of being stewards over all the earth. Verse 28 elaborates on humanity’s purpose, saying we should be fruitful and multiply.

Who are we in Christ? We are people who have the image of God in us. And, we are people called to care for and nurture each other and all creation.

Rather than walking with Christ daily though, we Christians sometimes behave like thermometers. Just as a thermometer measures and responds to even the smallest environmental change, there are times when we humans seem to change our direction or purpose with the slightest environmental pressure. When we shift like this, we can lose the focus of our purpose in Christ.

Understanding who you are as a divinely created child of God and knowing your unique purpose in Christ, provides you motivation for living and serving as well as satisfaction and contentment when fulfilled. In Ephesians chapter 2, the apostle Paul names who we are in Christ, including our positional standing and the spiritual blessings which are ours as children of God.

From: Ephesians 2: Who am I in Christ Jesus and Through Christ?

I am:

  • Alive
  • Saved Through Faith
  • Recreated in Christ
  • Near God by the Blood of Christ
  • Fellow Citizen
  • Member of God's Household
  • Built on God's Foundation
  • God's Workmanship
  • Habitation of God
  • Raised Up
  • A New Creation

And, I have full access to God in Christ.

We thank God that He created us and re-creates us in Jesus Christ. Delve more deeply into who you are in Christ by studying Ephesians 2 this week.

Prayer: God of all creation, thank you creating me in your image! Strengthen me to live in your ways that I may fulfill my purposes in you. In Christ Jesus I pray. Amen.