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January 2014

What you believe really doesn't matter... Kelly Peterson (Newell)

By Kelly Peterson-Cruse
I live in California... I was raised in a very conservative Christian home, I however am not (conservative) but I am a Christian and work in ministry- so...somehow to folks and yes my family, I become the person they come to when they want a "spokesperson" for liberal topics. So you can imagine the timing of all the media and hype of the "Duck Dynasty" controversy and Bishop Schaefer's losing his orders, came in perfect time for holiday gatherings and family dinners. In the many discussions we had, I tried to talk in love and with diplomacy, though thoughtfully stated my opinion. I did not want to be of the same spirit or language that was used to bring forth some of the conservative opinions around this issue. However, I did find myself thinking about a couple of points around our discussion.
  • Everybody has a right to their opinion
  • Just because someone is famous (and rich), does not make them an expert nor give more value to them or their opinion..(I thought a lot about this also around the death of Paul Walker, how come the other man in the car name was rarely mentioned...was he not "famous enough"?)
  • That it interests me that people want to single out certain types of choices or behaviors that they consider "sin" to argue and call out, but brush over other types because well, all of us fall short of the Glory of God and His ways.
So there I was, feeling like I was on a press tour during what should be the season of hope and celebration, when I came across a blog on Facebook that was spot on about what my message should be around this subject. http://intheparlor.wordpress.com/2013/12/19/what-you-believe-about-homosexuality-doesnt-matter/ It talks about having your opinion, that's great, but more importantly loving and reaching out to young people who are struggling with issues around sexuality. They need us, they need our love not our beliefs and judgement. We are losing kids to substance abuse and suicide because they are struggling and feel isolated and without support. So bottom line, believe what you will, give merit (or not) to what you read or hear, but above all LOVE...and be there for the young people in our lives and our ministry.