Connecting young people and their adult leaders to God, the church, and the world
August 2011


By Carl Gladstone (NCJ & NEJ)

Wow, what a great Summer! I’m sure you or some young person that you know had a mountain top experience serving others on a mission trip or service project in the past few months. More and more these are becoming the moments where young people see what it means for the “Church to be a Verb.”

So, we’re really interested in encouraging such radical discipleship and service among young people. We also want to be a helpful resource to local youth directors looking for mission opportunities, local mission site directors looking for participants, and connection-wide agencies who know a lot about creating successful systems for this kind of thing.

UMYOUTHMISSIONS is the name of the project to hopefully meet some of these exciting opportunities. House at this is a developing partnership and database of UM-related mission destinations for youth and young adults. We hope that this can be a complement and catalyst for all the info out their about our great collection of sites. Please visit it and our Facebook page to offer your suggestions and encouragements.

Thanks for all the times that you’ve served on these kinds of trips and we pray for an ever increasing number of young people stepping out into the world in this way, in the name of Jesus, and with the full support of a reviving United Methodist Church!