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July 2015

Ubuntu Youth Event in Cameroon

by Armindo Mapoissa

From June 10-14 in Buea, Cameroon I was able to attend the Annual event for youth and young adults of Cameroon. This event was organized by young people’s ministries in Cameroon in partnership with Women’s Division Missionary for Sub-Sahara Africa. This initiative is to create a spirit of help in the communities, where young people choose a place where they go to do community services. They can clean an orphanage, health center, etc. for this event, we cleaned the Center of Blind people. The initiative is called UBUNTU, which means, be in fellowship and in common love with others. Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’. It also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. We cleaned the center for 2 days.

Armindo Mapoissa, YPM Staff person for Africa during the sight-seeing at the Ubuntu event in Cameroon. After the event I was able to lead and topic from the Manual. Leadership and Ministry with young people. I also talked about the Young People’s Ministries and the participants asked questions about the opportunities we can offer. I explained how they can apply for Projects and I talked about the events organized by Young People's Ministries (under Discipleship Ministries) annually and in every four years.

In the sightseeing, we had a chance to know the History of Cameroon by visiting the mural of unity. We were able to see the plantations of tea and many other places we visited. Cameroon is a bilingual country, specking French and English. The church in Cameroon is growing and we had the event in a church built by the members of UMC. I had a chance of interacting with young people who are eager to see their church grow. Cameroon is a missionary conference and it has an Assistant Bishop because they are under Ivory Coast Annual Conference. The good thing was to see all the 3 former Africa Young Leader Summit, involved in the church activities and leading the choir and playing piano and singing and preaching.