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May 2019

True Superheroes

By Scott Meier

Superheroes have captured our imagination as a culture and bring out some of the deepest desires within us. This lesson will help students dive into that world and discover the true superheroes.

OpeningWho is your favorite Superhero, and why?

Superheros often have one or two things that set them apart…and then they use that “thing” to battle the forces they come up against. What is one Superhero power you wish you had?

How would you use that power for good?

Have someone read Ephesians 2: 10

What does it mean to be God’s workmanship? (some versions may use another word).

Say to the Group: Ephesians 2:10 is reminding us that God has put each and everyone one of us together…we were not mass produced, like dolls in a factory. Each and every one of us was created unique, special, and with a purpose.

What does this passage say to us about why we were created?

What does it mean to “walk in good works”?

We are going to step way out of our comfort zone…thinking about the way God has created you, what is something you can do to walk in good works? (have each person answer)

Beautiful People…

Show everyone a current fashion magazine or website that features movie stars, models, or the like. For this lesson, the May 6, 2019 issue of People magazine was used. It is titled, “The Beautiful People”.

Say to the group: Jennifer Garner was on the cover of the May 2019 People Magazine titled, “Beautiful People.”

What is the criteria, in our world, to be considered “beautiful”?

What does it take to be considered a “beautiful person”?

THIS IS IMPORTANT TO SAY TO THE GROUP: Being a “Beautiful Person”, does not make you a bad person! The point of this discussion is not to criticize or find reason to hate on those people who are good-looking, wealthy, smart, athletic, popular, or seem to have everything go in their favor. The point of this is not about these people, but rather for us to look at ourselves and ask, “What am I striving to be…who am I striving to be.”

Say to the Group: Our world values “beautiful people” to the point that they are often treated with Superhero status. But throughout Scripture we are taught something else.

Below are passages of Scripture. What does each say about what makes us beautiful in the eyes of God? Use a piece of poster board and have someone write down words that describe what it means to be beautiful in the eyes of God, according to these passages of scripture.

1 Peter 3: 3 – 4

1 Samuel 16: 7

Matthew 23: 28

Proverbs 31:30

1 Timothy 4: 8

1 Timothy 4: 10

Looking at the words on your Posterboard…

What does it mean to be a “Superhero” in the eyes of God?

In what ways can we live our lives as a true Superhero?

Jesus as our Example of a Superhero

As a group, think of a time when Jesus was a “Superhero.” What is a story from the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) where Jesus helped someone in need, where Jesus became a “Superhero”?

Find that story and share it with the group.


Close by having each person share how they can be a Superhero, like Jesus, in the coming week.

As you close in prayer, make sure to focus on seeking strength from God to be the Superhero our world so desperately needs.

Scott has served in student ministry for over 30 years, the past 24 years at McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church in Norman, Oklahoma. Having grown up in an incredible and life-changing youth ministry at Pioneer United Methodist Church in Walla Walla, Washington, Scott got his start at Simpson United Methodist Church in Pullman, Washington while a student at Washington State University. Scott has a passion for missions and leadership development, and desires to create life-long disciples for Jesus Christ. Scott and his wife Kristin have a little girl, Laurel Kate.