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February 2019

Tic Tac Gross

By Sharon Cook

Finding common ground is one of the best ways to begin relationships and get students talking. This icebreaker brings both in spades!

Give each youth a blank Tic Tac Toe board, but tell them we’re going to use it like a mini-Bingo card. They can write FREE in the center square. In the remaining 8 squares they write behaviors/traits that they think are unappealing. Then have the youth mingle, sharing their answers with one another. If they match with someone, they can put an X in that square. Can anyone get three in a row? Four corners? Cover their whole board?

Follow up with these questions:

  • Without naming names, do you know anyone who does these activities?
  • How do you relate to those people?
After 10 years of serving as pastor in local churches, Sharon now works on Conference Staff in Wisconsin. Her primary areas are camps, young people, and Safe Sanctuaries.