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March 2020

The Longshots Netflix Party Lesson Guide for Socially Distanced Youth Groups

By Kaye Wolfinger

Netflix Party is a way to watch Netflix movies together without being in the same room. It synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite Netflix shows. What could be more perfect for your socially distanced group? Today’s movie selection is The Longshots [PG]. Before we jump into the discussion guide, lets explain how to get your Netflix Party on!

7 Steps:

  1. Download Google Chrome
  2. Download Netflix Party
  3. Go to Netflix website
  4. Pick the movie
  5. Click on the “NP” icon next to the address bar in Chrome
  6. Click “start party”
  7. Copy URL and email to your students and adult leaders!

Now for the discussion guide!

Opening Questions:

  • Sometimes we have to focus more on what we do have and not on what we don’t. Have you ever had to learn this lesson first hand?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where someone in your presence was getting made fun of? What did you do? How did it make you feel? Has someone ever stood up for you?
  • Words can really hurt us. Jasmine’s Uncle Curtis said some mean things about her. Have you ever been in that situation? (Either the one saying something or the one who overheard.) What did you do?
  • Uncle Curtis saw Jasmine’s talents before she recognized them in herself. Who has encouraged/mentored you in your life? Who is in your corner, cheering you on in your accomplishments? Who do you cheer for?
  • The community gave up their prized possessions to help the team get to the Super Bowl. Have you ever given up something for the benefit of someone else? How did that feel?

Bible Lesson: 1 Samuel 16

  • The Lord sends Samuel out to anoint the new king.
  • What is Samuel’s response at first to this command? (He is fearful) Why does Samuel responds this way?
  • What does this teach us about God when we are facing our fears?
  • Verse 7 is especially meaningful. Read that again. Put it in your own words.
  • How does this verse relate to the movie?
  • How can it relate to your life today?
  • How do you think the older brothers felt when Samuel passed over them and anointed David? What are the similarities to David and Jasmine or David and Curtis in the movie?
  • Why do you think Saul’s heart was changed?
  • What lessons can we learn about God and about our human nature from this story and/or movie?
Kaye Wolfinger is the East Ohio Conference director of Young People's Ministries. She also serves as the resource person for the Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry. Prior to joining the conference office she spent more than a dozen years serving in local churches across the conference.