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June 2017

The Instagrammable

By Kevin John Maddela

Social media help us to share our stories every day. Whether it is food, memorable events, hanging out with friends, or other unique and precious moments, we memorialize them with pictures and share them to world. We share what is worth sharing; we share what is instagrammable! It is fun to share!

Some of the most liked shares are wonderful dining moments spent with friends and loved ones, in restaurants where we taste the best-selling food and delicacies. Before enjoying the food, we take snapshots and share these photographs in social media. We are foodstagrammers!

We share what is worth sharing; we share what is instagrammable! It is fun to share!

These moments remind us of the beauty of what Jesus did on his last meal with his disciples. It is worth remembering. It was Jesus’ meal of all meals! It was the moment Jesus dined with his disciples and declared that it is done in His remembrance (Luke 22:7-20). It was more than an act of dining - it was a moment to remember Jesus’ words and take his commandments to heart before he shed his blood on the cross and paid the debt for our sins (v.19).

If only Instagram was already existed in those days, I am sure the moment would have been captured and shared by the disciples. We remember the Last Supper through wonderful masterpieces in paint and sculpture. These works of art take us to a journey back to The Last Supper, the supper that lasts! There, Jesus wanted us to experience him deeper as he was about to leave the world physically. Through this meal, he calls us to always remember him. He reminds us to have an Instafaith – a deep faith in God which we need to share to others!

If only Instagram was already existed in [the time of the Last Supper], I am sure the moment would have been captured and shared by the disciples!

Our best moments with God are worth sharing. Through our conversation with friends or through our posts in the social media world, we must share Jesus. Let us capture these moments like Jesus captures people through the living word. Let us seek opportunities for people to know Jesus and soak in God’s grace.

In our evolving online community, where everybody connects, we are free to share anything. But we are also reminded that this freedom to share gives us an option to share Jesus and the Gospel. We share moments, and we share faith! The challenge for us is to make our testimonies trendy. We have the opportunity to make our experiences into moments that can be treasured by others and lead them on the path toward God. We make them Instagrammable!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you experienced Jesus being shared in your dining conversations?

  2. What is the most wonderful moment you had with Jesus?

  3. In your little ways, how do you share Jesus to your friends?

  4. What are your instagrammable moments with Jesus?

Young Adult Devotions by Kevin John Maddela.