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August 2017

That Moment When: A Fun Getting to Know You Game

By Jeremy Steele

Sometimes you just need the beginning of a story to get you started. This fun game takes an online trend and uses it to help students open up and get to know each other. Here’s the instructions for the game. We’ll have a list of statements at the bottom of this article:

You know the sentence fragments we like to post on facebook and twitter. “That moment when my girlfriend find out I love one direction…” “That moment when a text makes you laugh in the middle of class” “That moment when someone calls your best friend their best friend.” We are going to use these kinds of statements to tell funny stories about our lives.

  1. Take the “that moment when” envelope and pull out a piece of paper.
  2. Read it to the group
  3. Tell a story from your life that matches the statement on the paper.
  4. Pass the envelope to the person on your right.

Here’s a list of statements to get you started:

  • That moment when you trip in front of a bunch of people
  • That moment when you laugh at something that was supposed to be serious
  • That moment when you overslept
  • That moment when you have a crazy dream
  • That moment when your phone goes off when you thought it was silent
  • That moment when you eat the grossest thing ever
  • That moment when your relative does something hilarious
  • That moment when you go to a movie you thought you were going to love and hate it
  • That moment when you are surpassed at how cool someone younger than you is
  • That moment when one of your posts on facebook, instagram, etc blows up
  • That moment when you get a WAY better grade than you were expecting
  • That moment when you find out something cool about your parents
  • That moment when you go to your first concert
  • That moment when you watch a youtube video 5 times in a row (and keep going)
When he's not with his four children and wonderful wife, Jeremy Steele is a teaching pastor at Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, Alabama. He is passionate about engaging people with the movement of God and speaks across the US. He's also the author of Reclaiming the Lost Soul of Youth Ministry. For more about his other books, articles, and resources, see