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June 2018

Stories from the Summit: Vandy Pov

Growing as a Leader for the Methodist Church in Cambodia

By Vandy Pov

My name is Vandy Pov. I am the Chairman of Cambodian Methodist Youth. I work with other national young leaders to enhance the youth network from the annual conferences to the local churches. I am extremely delighted to have attended the Young Leaders Summit held on October 17-22, 2017 in Baguio City, Philippines.

I have learned a lot from the sessions with awesome lectures. Among the sessions I attended, I gained the most from the lecture and practicum on Program Planning and Implementation. It gave me knowledge and practice that is very essential one for me as I deal with my ministry in the church. I have a lot of plans with our youth organization to deal with youth issues in Cambodia.

The Young Leaders Summit helped me understand and gain more skills on how to deal with young leaders in the church. A good leader needs to cultivate good relationship with others; should have a servant heart for the people he serves with; and it’s also important to have a heart for leadership. The Summit helped me a lot to improve leadership skills with my youth work in Cambodia.