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May 2018

Stories from the Summit: Marvin Adi

I attended YLS 2017 in Baguio City Philippines last October 18-22, 2017. Initially, I thought that the Young Leaders Summit would be just another typical seminar but I realized that it was an avenue for me to learn a large scope of things from managing our ministry to developing our leadership skills. That is why, my endless gratitude goes out to my conference for choosing me to attend the Summit. I was chosen not because I was the best in my conference but because I know that God has a plan for my life, to help me grow deeper in my faith, in my ministry and leadership.

During the Summit, there were fruitful and hearty sharing of our experiences and journey as young leaders. We also shared out thoughts on the different programs in our respective churches and conferences.

The topic on how to make young people’s voices be heard in our church really captured my interest! Young people tend to be aggressive for all sorts of change, they have sharp minds and know how to deal with different circumstances. The church will miss out if we do not tap into these characteristics of youth. I always tell my fellow young leaders that they shouldn’t hold back when airing their hearts and minds because their ideas would help our church grow. We should learn how to make their voices be heard, even to fight for our rights the right way. In return, we must also be ready to learn new things for the better.

I am currently serving as the church lay leader, church youth coordinator, church finance head committee, and as an officer of the Central Luzon Philippines Annual Conference United Methodist Young Adult Fellowship.

Attending the Summit helped me a lot in my ministry especially in my local church. There was a variety of programs that I could adopt based on our sharing during the sessions. I have developed this strong eagerness and belief that my church would go deeper in faith by the grace of God. Thanks to the Summit because I have also met a lot of friends whom I could ask for ideas, and above all help me to grow deeper in my faith in God.