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June 2018

Stories from the Summit: Dr. Herve Mboko Tshoso

Learning about Leadership and Discipleship

Dr. Herve Mboko Tshoso

It was a great honor for me to participate at the Africa Young Leaders Summit held in Kenya on April 11-15, 2018. I thank my Bishop, my conference, the young people and the entire episcopal area.

I arrived at Chemi Chemi Tented Camp and many leaders from all over Africa welcome with open arms. We were like a big loving family.

I also learned a lot about leadership—emphasizing the importance of vision, interaction, patience, trust and conviction. As young leaders, I realized that we are called to “See All the People” and to make of them disciples of Jesus Christ.

Given our way of working in our communities, I learned some good ideas about planning and implementing programs. The sharing as well as the reflections we had in our groups about culture and the realities of the church in our context helped us learn from each other. An African proverb says: "Intelligence is a fruit that you pick up in your neighbor's garden". The session on the “Voice of Young People in the Church” helped me realize that the church needs to listen to the church, but young people also need to have ways to make their voices heard.

Now I have to focus on learning, having a guide, getting involved in ministry, especially starting and accelerating something for the growth of young people in the church. Be richly blessed in the name of Jesus Christ!