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February 2015

Sengly Chhea, from Cambodia

First of all, I would like to thank the Lord for sending me to the Young Leaders Summit in the Philippines. I'm also grateful to Missionary Esther (assigned to Cambodia) for choosing me to become a part of the Summit. I also like to express gratitude for the experience of visiting Manila and the Philippines.

I have gained many experiences and lessons during the program and my stay in Manila. We learned about leadership, HIV and AIDS, Climate Change, Social Media, Program Planning and so on. I really appreciate the lessons I learned, but the most interesting part for me, is the Program Planning and Implementation.

It's not my first time to encounter a session on Program Planning, but this time, it provided me with new experiences and in a very detailed way how to plan well and how to implement the project we plan for. The speaker, Mr. Caloy Diño, showed us very clearly the steps needed from planning to implementation: First, we define the goals, then identify the target group and partners; then we need to conduct needs assessment, strategies, and more... This approach is much more useful and detailed that what we usually practice in our group in Cambodia.

I really appreciated and enjoyed being a part of the Young Leaders Summit as it provided me plenty of new lessons and good opportunity to learn about youth and young adult Filipino leaders. Furthermore, I made a lot of new Filipino, Laos, and African friends. I hopefully believe that in the future, we will be able to have a good partnership and relationship with more countries, which will lead to similar activities that will change lives and enlarge the Kingdom of the Lord in the whole world. Thank God!