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October 2015

Promise's Story

My name is Promise Paidamoyo Kapumha. I am a 20 year old Zimbabwean lady. In April 2012, I had the privilege to attend the Africa Leadership Summit which was organized by Young People’s Ministries of GBOD in Nairobi, Kenya. During this summit we had a lot of activities which were strategically planned to ensure that we would make the most of our time in Nairobi. We had a series of educational presentations from various presenters on topics which mostly affect us as the young leaders in Africa. I learned about the qualities of a good leader; both as a church member and also as a citizen of my nation and in my community. I also learned a lot on dating and relationships as a young leader in church; what love means and how to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships and do it in the way God expects. We had a time for group discussions during which we all shared our experiences in leadership from the different parts of Africa. We realized that we were facing common problems as young people serving the Lord and as leaders in the United Methodist Church. As a result, we shared solutions that we would each carry back to our countries and make a difference. When I returned to my country and shared these solutions with others it surely made an impact.

I have got to say that it was an amazing experience meeting with different people from the different parts of Africa. It was so beautiful and refreshing as we were able to share our different cultures during our break times. I am also glad to have made wonderful friends from all over Africa. I personally learned that we are the future of the church and we can make a difference in our respective communities if only we believe in ourselves and the great potential God has deposited in us. This experience taught me to begin to think differently and make my world a better place. My mind was opened to new possibilities. I was personally inspired and motivated to do the best that I can to change the lives of those around me for the better. This summit changed every area of my life for the better. I believe if summits like these continue to be held, Africa will never be the same again. That’s because it provides a platform to groom and equip young people who are the future of the church and the world to be extraordinary spirit filled leaders. Currently, I am studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) at Jiangsu University in China. Even in my quest to become a medical doctor, I still find myself fusing and applying most of the things I learned during that Leadership Summit. I am determined to become a doctor and hope to bring positive changes back to my community, church, nation, Africa, and the world at large someday. I would like to thank those who were inspired by God to have this kind of platform for us including Rev. Mike and Mr. Armindo. I pray God continues to use these men and women of God as I believe with time we will surely see the fruits of these efforts. God bless the GBOD Ministries and our church at large. Thank you.