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September 2013

Parent's Just Don't Understand...

By Kelly Peterson-Cruse
Youth Workers when asking for support often ask how to get parent involved. I however,this summer found myself confronted with the opposite situation an over abundance of" helicopter" parents. I started really thinking about this after I read a quote " My curfew was the street lights, and my mom didn't call my cell, she yelled "time to come in." I played outside with friends, not online. If I didn't eat what my mom made me, then I didn't eat. Hand sanitizer didn't exist, but you COULD get your mouth washed out with soap. I rode a bike without a helmet. And getting dirty was OK. If you drank water from the garden hose and survived." Anonymous What are the long term effects of Overparenting? Kelly Russ, a Yahoo Contributor
  • Not able to think for themselves for fear of being wrong.
  • Overall experience from extra-curriculum activities not gained because they are over extended and don't have time to dedicate themselves to the ones they really have an interest in rather than the ones they "should" be doing.
  • Unable to make decisions
  • Over dependent on their parents who often deal with their conflict, failure and challenges
  • Poor time management skills
  • Lack of understanding of deadlines, boundaries and consequences
So how do you deal with Both the Uninvolved and the Over Involved Parents?
  • Communicate-Have a parent meeting, share your vision, your background, training and how you will communicate with them.
  • Keep them informed, send out a calendar
  • Copy them on communications with their children
  • Set expectations: deadlines, behavior, attendance and their level of participation
  • Create a convent and have both youth and parent sign them
  • Be consistent, follow through and set boundaries
Your creating a healthy relationship with your parents will create a healthy experience overall for all those involved, especially the youth.