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November 2010

Out of Exile

By: Luke Currier

This is only the beginning of a story, I have not said anything new or mind blowing to you, I have not asked for more than you and I can give more than we are called to give. This is only the beginning of a story, but so was a baby lying in a manger and that was the greatest story the world has ever known. I haven't said anything that hasn't been said before, nor will I be the last to say it.

We are a generation, a people in a world that is in the desert and has been there far too long. Others have gone before us and said there is a better world... but it's going to be hard claiming it, throughout the generations people have decided to just make the best of what they had and not follow the leadings out of this exile.

We've been provided for in this desert by the grace of God alone, but if this is where we are in exile, imagine when we come home! It is within and among us to bring the kingdom of God to the world, the kingdom where love, respect and charity has no geographical or political boundaries. We will embarrass ourselves in the process in the eyes of our culture, "Why would anyone give up that job?" "Who does that?" "I don't understand why someone would speak with those people." "Why would anyone put themselves in a war zone?" "Who let them into our church?" Etc. The answer can only inevitably be, "that's where I was called to be," "that's what Christ said to do in scripture," which is the most beautiful answer anyone can give.

We are each called to the others for the sake of the all, can we ask for more than that? Can we do anything other than respond? Yes we can choose to go the way of our predecessors, but their mindset is going the way of the buffalo. If Christians are going to impact the world then they must really be Christians, as Christ was recorded saying according the writer of the Gospel of John: "If you love me then you will obey what I command." ( John 14:15) Can we call ourselves Christians if we do not?

We have Icons of, and in the teachings of, some of the greatest people who ever lived, those saints and martyrs, preachers and prophets, whose only ambition was bringing light to this darkness, and we honor them for it. There stories are not just fragments, rather they are parts in a tapestry which is now our own to weave, they are not fragments but they are few and far between, certainly not all of those who were called to act and to be fair they are not all who acted whose names have been forgotten by history, and who are better for it. If we truly, as individuals and as a people have the Holy Spirit of God indwelling us and have the example of God made human to follow, then there is no reason for this great and oppressive darkness that seems to cover the world. All it would take is one generation stepping out in faith to truly make a difference. We could bring Justice, Hope, Peace and Love through Christ if we'd only step out.

We have heard voices throughout the generations calling down to us "live, be, breathe Christ." We cannot stand idly by any longer just knowing about, or believing in Christ. It's time for our part in this cosmic drama, may God help us to act the part, not just know our lines.

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