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January 2013

ONE Campaign Call to Prayer/Call to Action

By Abigail Parker Herrera (SCJ)
I have a confession to make: I worry a lot about my own budget and money. I worry some about our national budget--especially about what it does to ME and how it represents ME and MY values. I don't pray a lot about budgets. I'm grateful someone is asking me to. I'm grateful that entity is non-partisan and interfaith. I wish it was my UMC...but that's another blog for another time. Will you pray with me? Then maybe we'll all stop worrying about ME and MY and start wondering about GOD and God's desires for each of us. ONE is inviting faithful people everywhere into a Call to Prayer to end poverty. They also want us to work together as people of faith to make sure our national budget continues to provide the 1% of aid it already provides. So, pray about it. January 26th-February 3rd. For more information about ONE and our national budget go here: Or watch this video--I know I saw myself in here: What Americans Think About Foreign Aid