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December 2015

Of Blessings and Miracles

By Floyd Alcantara

Can you see God’s hand working in every aspect of your life?

On Easter Sunday night I was rushed to the hospital because of an excruciating pain in my upper abdomen. While I was discharged from the hospital that same night (thanks to several doses of pain relievers), the doctor advised me to undergo a full abdominal ultrasound to find out what caused the pain. When ultrasound results came in, I found out that I have an unusually large polyp located in the neck, or opening, of my gallbladder. Because of the polyp’s unusual size, the doctor said they needed to remove my gallbladder to prevent the risk of malignancy – and they needed to perform the surgery ASAP. I was shocked!

To top it all, my health insurance would not approve the procedure because I needed a few more months of membership to become eligible for full coverage of surgery expenses. Due to financial challenges, I had to defer my operation to a much later date. The doctor agreed to wait, but advised me to undergo another ultrasound after three months to monitor progress of the polyp’s size. If there’s an increase in size, we must proceed with the operation right away.

The result of my second ultrasound, once again, left me shocked: To my amazement and my doctor’s surprise, the polyp was gone! Praise God! A miracle! And because of this miracle, I don’t have to undergo surgery anymore. The doctor was amazed; he said it was his first time to witness such an incident.

As I reflected, I realized that God’s hand was working even when things didn’t go my way – when my health insurance was not approved; when my operation was delayed. Just imagine, if my insurance was approved, I would have went on with the operation right away, and I would have lost my gallbladder. But because of God’s miracle, I do not only have my gallbladder, I also live a healthier lifestyle.

When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed, when you are discouraged thinking all is lost. Count your many blessings name them one by one. And it will surprise you what the Lord has done. – Count Your Blessings.

How about you – can you see God’s providence in your daily living? Have you been sensitive enough to discern his loving and just hand working in your midst? Perhaps there are times when we don’t see, feel, or experience God’s miracles and blessings because they already seem ordinary to us. We may be so used to daily blessings that we fail to recognize them anymore. When we count our blessings and name them one-by-one, we will be amazed by God’s everyday miracles.

Can you still see, feel and experience God’s miracles in your life? Can you still recognize and recognize the work of his hands? Do you still believe that there is a miracle?

Discussion Question: What difficult circumstances are you currently in? Can you see God’s hand working in those circumstances?

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