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November 2010


By Carl Gladstone (NCJ & NEJ)
Spent a lot of good time in Nashville this past weekend in the exhibit hall of the National Youth Worker Convention. I was there to tell people about the Motown Mission Experience here in Detroit and to generate some buzz about UMYOUTHMISSIONS.ORG - a site that will be dedicated to resourcing and networking UM-connected mission destinations. Thanks for "all y'all" who stopped by the booth! Also had fun inviting people to and then attending the YPM sponsored United Methodist Youthworkers reception. Thanks to Adam Wheatley for playing some tunes and to everyone for joining in on the giant pretzel based fun :) If you know of some UM mission destinations in your area, whether they are camps, stand alone organizations, or local church sponsored ministries, please let me know about them. We're working on plans to develop online tools for sharing information about sites like these and know that there are lots out there. That's it for now. Have a great Thanksgiving and be sure to offer hospitality to those around you without a place to go on Thursday. Carl