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December 2010

NCJ Rundown - Kaye Wolfinger

By Carl Gladstone (NCJ & NEJ)
NCJ Rundown #1 with Kaye Wolfinger So glad to have Kaye Wolfinger join us for this initial episode of the NCJ Rundown, your weekly update interview with young people's ministry leaders across the North Central Jurisdiction. Click on the link above to listen to our 15 min update from Kaye about ministry with young people in Ohio. And, find more information about Kaye and the work she's doing with young people in the EOAC at: Otherwise this past week has been filled with catching up on emails from being out of the office at NYWC and for the holiday. Also have been collating some of the information gathered from our UMYOUTHMISSIONS booth at NYWC and will be getting in touch with those folks about UM-connected mission destinations for young people across the country. If you know of a United Methodist related mission destination that should be listed, please let me know who and where they are and we'll be happy to include them in this emerging database. Lastly, I got word last week that our global Youth Service Fund could benefit from some more attention. Lately the contributions from conference YSF groups has been a bit lower than normal. So, last week I put together this video explaining the situation. Please share with your colleagues and consider contributing directly to YSF here. This is one of the gems of our United Methodist connection - youth enabling other youth-led missions and ministries. Let's keep up our good work through this great funding ministry together!