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May 2020

Music Video Icebreaker

By Kaye Wolfinger

The term “glory” Falls into that category of church jargon that has made especially confusing because of the varied ways it is used in culture. This icebreaker will help your students explore the word And reflect on how pop-culture engages with their spirituality.

Begin by Explaining to your students that you are going to be thinking about the word “glory” and want them to be thinking about what they think it means and how other people might see it as they watch this video. Then, show the music video, “Glory” by John Legend and Common from the movie Selma onYouTube (or play the song if you do not have a video option).

Ice Breaker Debrief:

What is the definition of the word “Glory”? (you can have them google this after they give their own thoughts first)
Let’s talk about the chorus. What is the “glory” that is talked about here?
How will that glory come? (once the war is won)
What other lyrics jump out to you in the song?
What is the message that is being sent through these lyrics?

Kaye Wolfinger is the East Ohio Conference director of Young People's Ministries. She also serves as the resource person for the Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry. Prior to joining the conference office she spent more than a dozen years serving in local churches across the conference.