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January 2011

Mount Sequoyah

By Abigail Parker Herrera (SCJ)

I was having kind of a blah week this week. I lost a USB drive with a ton of information on it, my mom went to the ER (she's fine), and I was feeling kind of ineffective--does anyone know I am around?? Then, I got a great call this morning from Ann Catherine Jouett who works at Mount Sequoya. She found me through the new website!! Yay!

She had some questions about working with us at YPM, but more than that, she and her husband have been joyfully scheming toward making Mount Sequoyah a place for youth and young adults to gather. I loved hearing some of their plans. Ann Catherine is listening to the good and the bad when it comes to reviews about Mount Sequoyah and has already made some great changes.

Mount Sequoyah is a jursidictional retreat center located in Fayetteville, AR. It is one of only two jurisdictional retreat centers (Lake Junaluska is the other). They have several events throughout the year but you can also opt to stay there on your own or with a group. Ann Catherine would love to talk to you, answer questions, or dream. She used to be a youth director but would enjoy hearing from other youth-worker types to learn how to make Mount Sequoyah a good option for your group!

Here's the contact info:

Ann Catherine Jouett


150 NW Skyline Drive

Fayetteville, AR 72701